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Script for pushing webcam photos into Drupal 10 using a REST API.

Attached below is a Bash shell script used to push photographs into Drupal 10.  We are running a time-lapse project with Drupal serving as the back-end repository.  Using Drupal's out-of-the-box REST services makes for an easy setup.  Multiple cameras can be quickly integrated, making a very scalable solution if you want to run a lot of cameras at once.    Drupal would actually make a pretty nice security cam dashboard with a little tweaking to this code.

Raspberry Pi Camera


# Capture and process the image
libcamera-still -o /camera/original.jpg
convert /camera/original.jpg -resize 1280x720 -quality 85 /camera/processed.jpg
# Upload the original image file
upload_file() {
    local file_path=$1
    local file_name=$(basename "$file_path")
    local content_disposition="attachment; filename=\"$file_name\""
    local response=$(curl -X POST "$FILE_UPLOAD_ENDPOINT" \
         -u "$USERNAME:$PASSWORD" \
         -H "Content-Type: application/octet-stream" \
         -H "Content-Disposition: $content_disposition" \
         --data-binary "@$file_path")
    echo $response | grep -o '"fid":\[[^]]*\]' | grep -o '[0-9]\+'
# Upload the original file and capture its ID
file_id=$(upload_file "/camera/processed.jpg")
create_media() {
    local file_id=$1
    local media_data=$(cat <<EOF
  "name":[{"value":"Raspberry Pi Image"}],
    echo "Media Data: $media_data"
    # Execute the curl command and capture the response
    local response=$(curl -X POST "$MEDIA_ENDPOINT" \
         -u "$USERNAME:$PASSWORD" \
         -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
         -d "$media_data")
    echo "Raw Media Creation Response: $response"
    # Extract and return the media ID from the response
    local media_id=$(echo $response | grep -o '"mid":\[[^]]*\]' | grep -o '[0-9]\+')
    echo "Extracted Media ID: $media_id"
create_media "$file_id"
# Create Media entity and capture its Media ID
media_response=$(create_media "$file_id")
media_id=$(echo $media_response | grep -o '"mid":\[[^]]*\]' | grep -o '[0-9]\+')
echo "Captured Media ID: $media_id"
# Prepare JSON data for creating the node with the Media entity
node_data=$(cat <<EOF
  "type": [{"target_id": "test_file_upload"}],
  "title": [{"value": "Raspberry Pi High Def Camera Project"}],
  "field_media_image": [{"target_id": "$media_id"}]
echo "JSON Payload for Node Creation: $node_data"
# Create the node
node_response=$(curl -v -X POST "$NODE_ENDPOINT" \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -d "$node_data")
echo "Response from Node Creation: $node_response"
# EXAMPLE for the source file